New Releases for April 2009

This definitive biography of former New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner takes an in-depth look at the life of this notorious man and his role in building the greatest sports franchise in America. Apparently the victim of two strokes and his reign at an end, the time has come to write his story.  A complicated man who played fast and loose with the rules, he managed to take the New York Yankees from mediocrity to becoming the most popular and successful sports franchise in America. 

For thirty-four years George Stenbrenner commanded headlines in the national press.  He berated his players, tortured his managers and employees, and during that time won ten pennants and six World Series, but also made his Yankees into the most glamorous sports franchise in all of sports.  How he did it is an amazing tale of money and power. Twice he could have gone to jail. Today his Yankees, which he bought from CBS in1973 for $10 million, are worth more than a billion dollars.

Based on extensive interviews with those who have known Steinbrenner throughout his life, Golenbock begins with his childhood and his critical relationship with his father, his education at Culver Military Academy and Williams College and the lessons he learned there. Then come his years during the Korean War in an cushy military post; his early years in Cleveland and his first ownership of a sports team,  The Cleveland Pipers, offer insight into how he would operate as the owner of the Yankees.

Golenbock relates how Steinbrenner bought the Yankees and his banishment for life from baseball (but rescinded) for his illegal contributions to Nixon's re-election fund. Highlights include his volatile relationships with players and managers, especially with Billy Martin and Dave Winfield (his feuding with him led to a second suspension from major league baseball). Then come the glory years beginning in the latter part of the 1990s, the creation of the YES Network, the firing of Joe Torre, and the continuing growth of the most valuable franchise sports.

New Releases for October 2008

One of every seven people in the United States can trace their family back to Brooklyn, New York—all seventy-one square miles of it; home to millions of people from every corner of the globe over the last 150 years. Now Peter Golenbock, the author of the acclaimed book Bums: An Oral History of the Brooklyn Dodgers, returns to Kings County to collect the firsthand stories of the life and times of the people of Brooklyn—and how they changed the world.

The nostalgic myth that is Brooklyn is all about egg creams and stickball, and, of course, the Dodgers. The Dodgers left fifty years ago, but Brooklyn is still here—transformed by waves of suburban flight, new immigrants, urban homesteaders, and gentrification. Deep down, Brooklyn has always been about new ideas—freedom and tolerance paramount among them—that have changed the world, all the way back to Lady Deborah Moody, who escaped religious persecution in both Old and New England, and founded Coney Island and the town of Gravesend in the 1600s.

So why was Jackie Robinson embraced by Brooklynites of all colors, and so despised everywhere else? Why was Brooklyn one of the first urban areas to decay into slums—and one of the first to be reborn? And what was it that made Brooklynites fight for their rights, for their country, for their ideas—sometimes to the detriment of their own well-being? In the Country of Brooklyn, filled with rare photos, is history at its very best—engaging, personal, fascinating—a social history and a history of social justice; an oral history of a land and its people spanning the twentieth and twenty-first centuries; a microcosm of how Americans there faced and defeated discrimination, oppression, and unjust laws, and fought for what was right. And the voices and stories are as amazing as they are varied.

Meet: Daily Worker sportswriter Lester Rodney • rock and roll DJ "Cousin Brucie" Morrow • labor leader Henry Foner • Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa • journalist and author Pete Hamill • Black Panther–turned-politician Charles Barron • Hall of Fame baseball player Monte Irvin • Spanish Civil War veteran Abe Smorodin • borough president Marty Markowitz • real estate developer Joseph Sitt • jujitsu world champion Robert Crosson • songwriter Neil Sedaka • NYPD officer John Mackie • ACLU president Ira Glasser • and many others!

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“All my life I had one dream and that was to be in the movies.”

He was the Golden Boy of the Golden Age. A prince of the silver screen. Dashing and debonair, Tony Curtis arrived on the scene in a blaze of bright lights and celluloid. His good looks, smooth charm, and natural talent earned him fame, women, and adulation—Elvis copied his look and the Beatles put him on their Sgt. Pepper album cover. But the Hollywood life of his dreams brought both invincible highs and debilitating lows. Now, in his captivating, no-holds-barred autobiography, Tony Curtis shares the agony and ecstasy of a private life in the public eye.

No simple tell-all, American Prince chronicles Hollywood during its heyday. Curtis revisits his immense body of work—including the unforgettable classics Houdini, Spartacus, and Some Like It Hot—and regales readers with stories of his associations with Frank Sinatra, Laurence Olivier, director Billy Wilder, and film industry heavyweight Lew Wasserman, as well as paramours Natalie Wood and Marilyn Monroe, among others.

As forthright as he is enthralling, Tony Curtis offers intimate glimpses into his succession of failed marriages (and the one that has endured), his destructive drug addiction, and his passion as a painter. Written with humor and grace, American Prince is a testament to the power of living the life of one’s dreams.

TONY CURTIS is one of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Today, he lives with his wife, Jill, outside of Las Vegas, where he continues to create paintings that have made him newly famous as a visual artist the world over. They are the founders of the Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary, a nonprofit foundation that rehabilitates abused and neglected horses for adoption

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Praise for 7: The Mickey Mantle Novel

“Mickey Mantle was the most fascinating ball-player I ever covered. I thought I knew everything about him; but Peter Golenbock’s wildly funny, shrewd and eventually compassionate fictional take is as intellectually satisfying as it is risky. The pathetic journalists and fans who have objectified the Mick to make him an icon won’t like it, but I bet Mickey would laugh and cry his ass off.”
--Robert Lipsyte, former New York Times sportswriter and columnist

“Mickey was one of my best friends, and this book is the closest thing to the real Mickey Mantle that I have ever read. No one could make me laugh like Mickey could, until now. I experienced a real joy, feeling I was with him again.”
--Bill Reedy

“Mickey Mantle was a nice bunch of guys. We in the media were warned for years to get him early in the day or bad Mickey would pay a visit. Peter Golenbock’s 7 is alternately funny and touching, and captures both Mickey’s demons and his great sense of humor. It’s fascinating to read these stories in Mickey’s voice. His self-examination of what went wrong, driven by his insecurities instilled in childhood, is revealing. 7 distills the essence of this tortured soul, with all the heartaches and regrets. 7 is a grand slam.”
--Ed Randall, Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball, WFAN radio, New York

“This is a book solidly in the American grain. Mickey Mantle was talented, doomed, wry, outrageously lewd and tortured by poor-boy morality, and his comic soul comes busting straight through as he attempts to interview his guilt away in heaven. He was a sinner, absolutely, but he was one of us. Golenbock has made him inescapable as well as unputdownable.”
—Burton Hersh, author of The Old Boys: The American Elite and the Origins of the CIA